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We have covered the resourceful information on this documentation. Kindly go through this document and keep it handy for reference.

We ought to make sure the theme's set up on your website goes in an easy-to-follow manner while also introducing you to some of the theme's features.

Firstly, we’ll make sure that everything is ready for the installation, then we’ll set up the theme, and cover some initial configuration and customization options.

Download and Installation

Let’s start from the first step by installing the theme itself. If you know the way to download and install the theme, you can skip this step. You can download the theme by clicking here.

  • Installing the theme

    • Log in to your WordPress site and open the Dashboard.

    • Go to the Themes tab and click on Add new.

    • Click on the Appearance section.

    • Go to Themes.

    • Click on Upload theme.

    • Now choose the .zip file you downloaded early.

    • Click on Install Now.


Purchasing theme license

  1. Go to

  2. Select a package. You can choose the right package based on your need. 

  3. Click Buy Now.

  4. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and E-mail address. Make sure you have entered the correct email address as the license key for your subscription will be provided on it.

  5. Add your debit/credit card details or you can securely checkout with PayPal.

  6. If you are using the debit/credit card option, make sure you have entered Postal Code and selected your country.

  7. Click Review Order to check all the details you have provided.

  8. Click Checkout to confirm your order.

You will get an email shortly confirming your order with the necessary details to activate the theme.


Activating theme license

  1. Open the email you have received from Tech Team for Bootstrap Themes. Make sure you have received the email from our name.

  2. You will find instructions on downloading the .zip plugin file.

  3. Scrolling down the email, you will find a license key to activate your theme.

  4. Go to The Bootstrap Themes website and enter the login credentials. Click here to go to the login page.

  5. Enter the login credentials to access your dashboard.

  6. Go to your WordPress website admin dashboard.

  7. Navigate to the license page of The Bootstrap Themes.

  8. Enter the license key from the email you have received.

Congratulations, you have successfully activated the license for the theme/s you have purchased.