Change Colours and Fonts

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Colours and Fonts

  • Select the Background color.

  • Choose Font Family, Size, Weight, and Line height.

  • Choose a Font Family for all the headings on your website.

  • Click Save & Publish.

Rearrange the Homepage sections

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Rearrange Home Sections

  • Drag and rearrange sections to your liking.

  • Click on ‘eye’ to show/hide a particular section. 

  • Click Save & Publish.

Adding the background image

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Background Image

  • Click ‘Add an Image’

  • Click Save & Publish.

Adding navigation menu

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Menus

  • Click ‘Create a New menu’ 

  • Add the name of your menu.

  • Choose the menu location.

  • Click ‘Add Items’ to add different widgets, buttons, and links to your menu.

  • Toggle ‘Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu' to add new pages to this menu automatically.