Before making any major updates to your site, you should always make a backup in case something goes wrong. 

There are many plugins out there to create such backup files so you can pick one that you prefer. Below we walk you through the backup steps for the Duplicator plugin

Creating the backup files

1. In the admin panel select Add New in the Plugins section. 

2. In the search field enter “Duplicator”, install this plugin and activate it.

3. Find Duplicator on the left sidebar and click on it. Click on the Packages tab, and then click on the Create New button right.

 4. Input a name for your backup and click Next button.


5. Click the Build button.

6. Download the “Installer” and the “Archive”. The backup will be saved to your PC.

Manual for Duplicator plugin:

Video manual for Duplicator plugin:

Restoring Duplicator files (only if you run into any issues)

  1. Clear root site and load 2 files that you have created (installer.php and * from backup) to root site.

  2. Go to https://[your-site]/installer.php . If archive pass and validation pass, accept terms and click next button next.

  3. Input Host and Database name and User name and Password for Database. After click “Test Database”. If all good that click “Next”.

  4. After click “OK”.

  5. If all data good setting, that click “Next”.

  6. Go  “Admin Login” for go to Admin Panel your website after checking the right hand box